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Project Moggie - Initial Status



The car was exposed to the sunlight & rain for a long time. So there was corrosion on almost all body panels and floorboard too. Cleaned the plug wires, filled the tank, connected a charged battery and attempt to start it. After several attempt it started. The destination (my home) was 120 km and we started the journey around 11.00 am. As I was aware cars condition, selected rural roads. Brakes were very weak. So could not exceed 30kmh. During the trip had to replace a tire and the fan belt. Finally reached to the destination around 9.00 pm. Here are some initial condition pictures.

Special thanks should go to @Davy for encouraging me to write this in a discussion.


Back door bottom rightLeaf spring shackleBack corner - leftShutter frame Back windshield



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Good show,

Has the car been converted to negative ground 12V?  Check the fuel system - tank to carb, for geb condition and leaks.- fire hazard.

Most importantly, get the brakes checked,..


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@Twin Turbo,

Thks for the input. Yes it is converted to -ve ground. Fuel tank drainage plug had a leak and fixed it by adding a aluminum washer. Braking system : removed all pipes, master cylinder, wheel cylinders in the disassembling process. Willing to clean all parts and fix with new washers.

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