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Project R - front end



Finally. At long last, the ITR sedan conversion is done!! Here she is in all her glory. More glam pics in the upcoming months! 

Few niggles I’m trying to fix. The front end didn’t come with fender liners/mudguards. Sourced those from uk. 

Also I was using a lengthened shifter linkage from an ek3 with a d series box. Apparently that’s why shifting into reverse and 2nd are difficult. Waiting on a proper ITR shifter linkage from the UK as well. Along with the stock dual bend shifter. C36013F7-5E7B-44F6-8ED0-260BE85C997B.thumb.jpeg.8eb40e037b9e60a25d843898c3b91cb3.jpeg


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8 minutes ago, fiat fan said:

Am I the only guy who loved the "bug" face?

NO actually .....

Anyway nicely done Doc :)

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Nice....the new face looks much nicer :)

Will you be blackening out the red circles ?

(on a funnier note...now you know what your car would look like if you went mad and decided to put 4 huge fog/driving/spot lights on the bumper :D)


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Yes Machan I need to get that detail corrected. Afraid to try it as the paint might get messed up 

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