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March 10th 2014



A few updates:

1. Removed the bc cams and installed the stock ones to check on a vtec issue. Good news is that vtec is working perfectly fine and the car is a firecracker. The bc cams need to be installed properly and the ecu remapped. Previous tune by Zackie wasn't working for me, and I switched to Ashan silva from D&D. Work in progress, of course, I will be going back to him end march, so will keep you boys posted.

2. She's about to go in to get the cosmetics sorted. Paint peeling from here and there etc

3. Ordered the complete set of prothane shifter linkage bushings and linkage pin (6$ oem Honda on eBay, 4000 rupees in Sri Lanka) waiting for them to arrive. That play in the shifter is like having a thorn in my backside.

All in all, she's come alive in the last month after Ashan got his hands on her. Expecting greater nights once and cam/ignition timing is adjusted and remapped.


so during the big match weekend i got a few things sorted.

1. raised the rear end slightly. got tired of scraping my ass all over the place. a bit too high now need to lower it again. one of those "i'm never happy with this" moments

2. entire rear suspension bushing set was redone. car handles much better now and no "jabos" sounds from here and there when cornering.

3. got that awful paint peel-off fleck sorted. the rivet holes were filled, rear end sanded and painted properly. finally i have an ass worthy of talking about.


also had the power steering hoses replaced.

few other little ding dongs planned for this year. will update as it happens


so here's a little something i was upto a few weeks ago. just after the stock cams were installed. i'm in no way pushing it here, so its not blsitering-ly fast. but the VTEC works, and works well.



Got the side skirts sorted finally. They weren't clipped in place so got that done.

Got the wife a little seat cushion to lift her tuckus when she sits. Never heard the end of that!!

Also playing around with ignition timing. Feel it's too advanced at the moment.





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