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Project R - September 30th 2013



Custom ecu map by Zackie.

Perfect 900 idle. No lope even after a burn

Vtec engaged at 4400

Redline at 9000

And what a balanced tune it is. Loads more low rpm torque from 1500-3000. Car feels as nimble as a your wife's lover leaving through the window. Much lighter on her toes. And I thought it was my header that cut the power!

And she sings beyond the magic mark. Oh. My. God.

5am. Baseline road. 150 on [email protected] Shifted into 5th. And she settles down to a comfy cruise at around 4000. Every inch of her says just try it. I didn't have the courage.

I'm back on eBay looking for the next upgrade: bigger hairy balls version 2.0. mine are clearly OEM!!


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