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Project R - July 5th 2013



the silencer is mounted on two rubber bushes. we left it a little room to wobble. it settles down at higher rpm's.

and yes, i wanted to lose the mudflaps too. maybe at least cut the fronts so they don't scrape all the time.

the endless hours i put into this really did pay off. i just can't describe the feeling sitting behind that wheel!

the datsun, yes, is getting a spec as-close-as-i-can-get SSS conversion. again, full interior, exterior, the works. L16 motor, 5 speed box, discs all round etc etc more details on the datsun thread as work starts.

as for the ITR, my immediate concerns:

1. ECU

2. coilovers

3. brake kit.

will update this thread as it happens.

met up with buggati and VVTi for a beer. took a few nice shots. will upload when i get 'em




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