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Project R - May 25th 2013



see!! i told you guys there's a 4 door type R! its a very rare JDM only DC2 model. never made it out of japan. but it DOES EXIST!! props to chooty putha for finding this vid! wow... i was in ecstasy... and i want my car back!



so here's the strut tower bars in place. have to do a little messing around to get the aluminium bar in place. but we'll firgure something out. the double bars were a perfect fit for the stock strut tower. but i had to be the smartass and change that no... :S


aand finally, after long last they are prepping her for the last coat. so happy. only a few more weeks!


a little more each day. the gear lever was finally sorted, and the floorboards closed. the shortshifter was also installed, with a little lesson on physics.


paint prep work is also progressing alongside.



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