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Project R - April 29th 2013



oh its all coming together i can barely stop jumping around the garage! such a lovely sight...

well the engine rebuild is finished, so here she is all closed up and watnot:


we then bolted on all the little sensors and other doohickeys onto the throttle body.


next on was the injectors. cleaned them up and stuck them in there as well


and finally, my piece de resistance... the godspeed fuel rail. mind you that's not where the gauge bolts on. will be mounting it in the right place after mounting the little gadgematics on the rail as well. that's for monday


meanwhile, i got the paint guy to start work on the valve cover... this is after one coat of wrinkle red:


and then 2 coats:


we went full on four coats as instructed, and my god it looks divine. too dark for photos. will snap one first thing in the morning and post. taking it over to a friends' place and baking it tomorrow as well. final touches on monday

more good news: we hope to plug the engine and tranny back in the car on monday. i've already taken a day off to swing on the electric vines with the grease monkeys. should find an auspicious time also... :D


well, here's the baked cover. thankfully, the paint dried after baking. its hard as a rock now. and the brownies came out well too.


and then there's the painstaking task of scraping the letters out. with a 25 gauge scalpel blade. need to sand it tomorrow for a perfect finish. al she look sso good. mera pyaar :smilie_liebe9:



photo 2 (20).JPG

photo (79).JPG


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