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Project R - March 7th 2013



so the engine respray went ahead. and no paint is complete without getting down to the nitty gritty, eh?

so first we cleared up all the wires, pipes, hosing etc etc to expose the bay, like this:


then we had a go at it, with brushes and kerosene spray. lots of gunk. good old majan.


and finally cleared up til the basecoat. 

wasn't around for the spray. indika tells me its making him all emotional. should go and see. and try not to cry. :)

aah, the wait draws nearer to an end...

righto chaps, am off to give my liver and larynx a run for its money for the next two days. will update on monday. cheers!

and of course, go thora!!


go thora thamai. redda. anyhow, there's always next year...

now, back to the teg: a little progress over last week. the engine bay was painted, as was the inside of the firewall.


she is looking lovely!!


there's something about that white i tell you... :) even the baases are like wow...

indika had also had the engine mounts and brake servo sprayed. the little details. good.

they're now starting to piece it back together. bit by bit...

meanwhile, at my friends' workshop, the alloys were powder coated gloss white and baked! here they are! jizzing pants at the sight...

here's the before:


and the afters...




photo 2 (3).JPG


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