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Project R - December 29th 2012



well, work is progressing, and the pace has picked up since the weeklong holidays are over. jeez...


rust! what you doin'?? rust! STAHP!! well, that's the only place this car has rusted. oddly. went through the rest of it with a fine toothed comb, and...nothing.

well it saved my a$$ tho, now the dashboard color change is a "necessary evil" in dad's little book of "my son is wasting his life and money"

this was taken apart, rust removed in two layers, put back and cataloyed in a day. impressive, considering the sloths employed here.

and here's a shot of the interior. falling into place. the glare makes it a little hazy, but that black somehow... just makes my ticker skip a beat!


and, finally, dat a$$! man, those lights! i should be hanged for crimes against the JDM



rear seat upholstery got pushed back a bit. because i ordered these little buggers. would rather go with well built replicas than splurge on spec recaros simply because i dunno what condition they'll be in til they i see them, and then its waaay too late for customer satis complaints.

well, if they're good enough for janaka rodrigo and his fire breathing dragon...



photo (55).JPG


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