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Project R - December 21st 2012



Reverting back to my old lights. Getting it fixed, cleaned and fibered. There's nothing like understatement on the outside!


well here they are after a cleanup. the fronts are still messed up. too much age and grime to cut away. at least you can see what's inside the housing. earlier they were just opaque little orbs of mystery.


thinking of replacing them with a set of chrome eagle eyes from the US. the right size this time.

the rears, however, came out smashingly well. wow. looks like i just unpacked them!

here's a before shot:


and here's the afters:



also considered giving the front end to ajitha to get it completely redone. might be a better and cheaper option than getting a front end down...


Ok so Darwin racing effed up their shipment. My alloys haven't come through. Ascent holdings deserves a Darwin Award for that one!

Have to wait another month for the next shipment. If I get another "sorry sir" calls then that's absolutely it


before i proceed, here's a pre paint shot of the tan dashboard. it'll be done on boxing day. can't wait!


forgot to mention, i shipped in all 4 AC vents as well. they were broken, and bothering me, somehow.


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