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Project R - December 19th 2012



Looks like doomsday is Christmas for me. Arriving on Friday are:

1. The alloys

2. The cams

3. The valve springs and retainers

4. The MSD blaster kit

5. The ACL bearing kit

6. The Blox red Allan key lug nuts.

Will post photos once I've stopped having an orgasm over it

darwin racing 15" alloys. being cleared from port today. getting these either powder coated in white, or lquid gloss white finish. and white hub caps with the red H logo. jeevithe mal aiyya inna kal (for all the little decals and whatnots i print at anim8)


Removed the dashboard for paint today. I also got new AC vents since the existing ones were broken. There was a metric ton of rust behind the dash. Bloody hell. So that's official now I am never seeing this car again!

Will post before and after pics soon. Haiyyo.




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