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Project R - December 16th 2012

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some photos:

here's the box:


removed the auto. the flywheel screws had to be replaced. the MT ones are longer. its funny how every little thing int he tranny from this to the mounts have been reinforced to handle more torque. quite frightening in a very very nice 



and here it is, bolted into place.


had to source the pedal(s) locally. couldn't find the A and B, so got the C off an EK2. it was a perfect fit. not a bolt out of place. its funny how this car was made for a manual but someone decided to stick an auto in there. every little part had its place, with the bolt holes deleted by rubber bushings.


and there it is, the cheeky little bugger!


have to unceremoniously cut the brake pedal, tho. so invested in some sparco carbon fiber pedals to cover up the evidence. got these directly from sparco italy. tough as nails, light as a feather. impressed!




here's the intake manifold. a Skunk2 S2 pro 70mm. coupled with the s90 70mm throttle body


got a simota cone to fit. need to fabricate a housing like the stock box, so i can use the existing cold air piping leading out from under the car.


there's a Mugen DC2 4:1 header in there as well. its still in its wrapping. plus it has a thermal insulation which needs to be wrapped. will post pics of it once i'm done.

for the moment going with stock fuel rail and injectors. planning to keep the latter, but ordered this:


need to sort out the exhaust piping. plus get hold of that tanabe soon. getting it done as soon as the car is out. :)



this is one of the costliest and painstaking parts of the build. making a 15 year old car look like it rolled off the plant yesterday is no easy task and the interior is where the age shows the most.

firstly, here's the stock interior:


this is not off my car, but its the same tan interior.

here;s my goal:


so, the tan had to go. did a lot of research with my paint guy and sourced an epoxy interior paint with a heat and electrolyte (sweat) resistant primer from italy. redid in satin black.




getting the felt bits done in fabric.


threw in all the other little type R parts as well. including...

the momo type R DC2 steering. with an airbag of course. cost me packet for one in good shape, and after a buffing with shoe polish, it looks killer!


got hold of a type R DC2 gauge cluster as well.


and of course, the type R clock with the amber digits! details details...


and then there's the gear boot/knob. black rexin with the red herringbone stitch, OEM honda.


i might keep the seatbelts tan. its good to have a little reminder of what the car was. but the seats will definitely be replaced. the rear will be upholstered in black, while a pair of black recaros will replace the fronts. again, in time. recaros are harima ganang!!



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