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About this blog

After the world war, the Morris Motors Limited (UK) started manufacturing Morris Minor cars and it is said that more than 1.6 million were manufactured between 1948 and 1972. There were 3 series the MM, Series II & 1000. Considerable number of Morris Minor cars had imported here because of Sri Lanka too ruled by United Kingdom till 1948. I found a Minor 1000 manufactured in 1958 and this blog for restoring project of it.


Entries in this blog

Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

Restoration work began. The idea is to work at home. Found a person to do the tinker work. I do the mechanical work and hoping to do the paint job as well in the future. Firstly removed the interior parts such as car seats. After that, the four doors were removed. Then front and back wings, bonnet & boot. Finally the differential and the engine were removed.  



Project Moggie - Initial Status

The car was exposed to the sunlight & rain for a long time. So there was corrosion on almost all body panels and floorboard too. Cleaned the plug wires, filled the tank, connected a charged battery and attempt to start it. After several attempt it started. The destination (my home) was 120 km and we started the journey around 11.00 am. As I was aware cars condition, selected rural roads. Brakes were very weak. So could not exceed 30kmh. During the trip had to replace a tire and the fan belt. Finally reached to the destination around 9.00 pm. Here are some initial condition pictures. Special thanks should go to @Davy for encouraging me to write this in a discussion.    



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